What we are doing:

In what spare time we have, we decided to spend it (and our savings) on remodeling our rowhouse in South Philly. When we purchased our casa it was a 3 story, 5 bedroom, 1 bath that hadn't been touched in 50+ years. It's currently a 4 bed, 2 bath construction site with so much more to do it's hard to believe.

We use this blog to mark progress, say hi to friends and family, rant about the process of remodeling, and try to have some fun along the way.

- Bryan and Christina

Sunday, May 11, 2008


It's Bryan....

I know that Pittsburgh is closer to Indy than Philly....I get that. But just this one time, say LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!

Thanks. They/I need it I think.

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