What we are doing:

In what spare time we have, we decided to spend it (and our savings) on remodeling our rowhouse in South Philly. When we purchased our casa it was a 3 story, 5 bedroom, 1 bath that hadn't been touched in 50+ years. It's currently a 4 bed, 2 bath construction site with so much more to do it's hard to believe.

We use this blog to mark progress, say hi to friends and family, rant about the process of remodeling, and try to have some fun along the way.

- Bryan and Christina

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let There Be Light!

Well, almost.....last week was a bit slow as our contractor decided he needed to go see wild horses in Delaware for his family vacation. Who gets a vacation?

Anyway, the electricians came on Thursday and started to layout some of the recessed lighting, and switch locations to actually get electricity back into the 3rd floor. There are still a few more things to add, and a few things that did not land in quite the right spot, but those should get fixed next week. The plumbers also came on Friday and started to mark the ceiling on the 2nd floor for the plumbing runs, and the one line out to the existing stack on the OUTSIDE of the house.

Yes, one of the exciting things about a house built without plumbing or electricity, was the exhaust stack is on the exterior of the house. The old knob and tube wiring is also amazing to find. It is quite scary really to realize that a small ceramic tube was part of the power for an air conditioning unit......so far only a couple minor electrical fires, but that is why we are renovating, right?

The other great accomplishment of the weekend is the tub is almost done. I think Bryan is refinishing the tub for me to earn brownie points for the rest of the Baseball season (meaning he can watch some games at the corner bar). I think his plan is to get the tub set up so I can soak in the tub while he watches the never ending, constant all the time Phillies games......in the end it will probably work out for him!


Anonymous said...

Cool blue umbrella on the patio! So...is the tub blue? What colors are you using?


Bryan and Christina said...

Hey Mom -

Rest assured...the photo is actually only the primer on the tub and very much white. Tomorrow I"ll be rolling on the semi gloss and finishing the white feet. It looks pretty freaking cool.